Dream Job with a Twist

I have been in despair for about two weeks now, the kind of despair that cripples and inhibits you from doing things you ought to do.

It all started some weeks a back, where my favorite local radio station advertised that they are looking for writers. So, with great anticipation I searched how to fix my resume and how to write a brilliant cover letter, all in the hopes that somehow or someway they’d consider me. Now, I have no writing experience. I haven’t even been able to get through with any writing volunteer work, so my only samples I had to offer were my College essays.

Even when I was writing and editing my cover letter, and even when I sent  in my application, I convinced myself that I wouldn’t get in. A few days passed, and surprisingly enough, bam! I got an interview.

To a person who sent out lots of resumes and job applications and had been rejected by all up to that point, I was admittedly on cloud 9. I tried to cushion myself, and coax myself to believe it’d be okay if I don’t make it pass the interviews. That, I can still use it as a learning experience for the next time. Sigh– But that was wishful thinking.
When I met the head of the newsroom, it was all sparkles and glitter, but then she gave me a test! Woah!– I wasn’t expecting a test!
She gave me simple questions.. something that anyone could answer. Except me!
I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but at that moment I couldn’t hear anything. The once loud and active newsroom seemed very quiet. All of a sudden it got warmer and I was aware of how fast and loud my heart was beating.
How could I not know the answers to these questions!
And in that moment I realized, that I was fooling myself a bit. I wanted to enter journalism but I hadn’t researched enough to improve myself in ways that would be adequate. Anyone with just a bit of experience was enough to outshine me. My degree did not make me anything special and I was not special.

She gave me a chance to redeem myself an I did the best that I could. But I  knew once I left, it’d be the last I had to do with the indoors of that studio.

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Let Me Introduce Myself


My name is Masika and I hail from the small Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. At the moment, I am just 3 credits shy of completing my degree and getting thrown into the vicious pool of career hunting. So, I decided to plunge into it anyways. It’s inevitable right?
However, I’ve always wanted to start a blog. So I guess in all actuality.. I’m years late, instead of getting a leg up and being early like I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I have spent the last four years being cultured in the ways of language, speech and writing; and at this point it’s pretty much all that I am eager to do. I’m quite prepared to use the  skills that I have acquired and apply them in any way I can.

One of the things I’ve learned is that in order to keep your skills, you must always use them. Thus, what better way to keep using them than to blog!?

To all those of you who have been here and done this, you are my inspiration to try. Because I know its hard. Everything, especially in the beginning, is hard. The beginning can seem soo scary because you can never really see whats far ahead. But I’m choosing to not worry about the destination and just enjoy the journey.

I also know that there are tons of blogs out there and thousands of writers who are way better than I am. So I’m just gonna try my best and perfect my craft till I get to that point where hopefully, I am no longer Bronze V (League of Legends joke).

 To those who are feeling the struggle, just came out the struggle or who knows it all too well, I thank you for the page visit and the minutes of your time. Comment below and let me know what it was like when you were just heading into the world of work. I hope to get you to read more of my future content!

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